Sunday, March 11, 2012


I had the opportunity to work at Titan Industries Ltd. which is India's largest manufacturer of watches. Here I had the opportunity to design watches, displays and outdoor clocks.
Titan had a sub brand called 'Fastrack' which was a collection of casual, hi-fashion and sporty watches. Here are some of my designs.


This was another fun project when I was working at Titan Industries, India. The brief was to design a Stand alone display kit for the new Titan Steel collection of watches. I was inspired by steel cables of suspension bridges.


This was a clock I designed for Chowdiah Memorial hall in Bangalore, India. This hall showcases theatre and dance. The theme for my concept is emotions. Each face displays a different emotion and the lighting changes every 45 seconds.


This was a fun project where I had the opportunity to design toy guns. I thought it would be fun to redesign Lara Croft's signature hand guns.


This was a quick project and very simple. The brief was to design Lamps for children.


This was a project I completed when I was studying in NIFT, India. The project required us to visit craftsmen from different villages (in this case Nana Reha) and give them new designs. This was one of my best projects and an amazing experience where the entire class traveled to Bhuj, Gujrat for an entire month.